October 25, 2013
amazing Kate

on the cover of C magazine, always stunning, always flawless

October 21, 2013

she runs back to their apartment searching for him but he’s not there, she looks at their photos and cries for her mistake…..she falls asleep on the floor, he comes into the house, he could never live anywhere without her. 

October 21, 2013
run away…

with me

to the mountain

to the forest and sea

oh how happy we shall be

if you just run away with me

October 18, 2013
writing project

I am working on a top secret writing project that I have been developing now for over a year. Here are some inspiration photos, while details on the project will be revealed in the coming months. For inquires on my work email me at ana.camille.alic@gmail.com 

October 10, 2013
lets talk about health

When you get sick the first reaction is to feel bad for yourself and hide away in your bed watching breaking bad (that’s what all the cool kids were watching right?). Then you usually trek over to the local walk-in or hospital, wait for hours, complain about the wait time (I use to be the one you complained to, referring to my days working in the ER) and then fill a prescription that hopefully cures what ails you. But do you ever stop to think about why you got sick? What your body might be telling you?

This morning I did the exact thing I just mentioned above and even cursed at the fact I could not enjoy this beautiful day because I felt crappy. Then I had a thought, what could this be telling me right now? This time around I took the prescription and decided to follow doctors orders but I am a huge advocate and believer that our diet and wellness plays a major role in our physical health. I have healed myself with natural remedies in the past, garlic for instance is one of the best healers out there, but have noticed myself slipping in terms of nutritious food. And since prevention is definitely the best cure I want to outline some major health benefits from foods that have helped me! 

Garlic: boosts your immune system and great for warding off cold/flu. Aid in the prevention of multiple types of Cancer. Great source of vitamin B6 which is needed for the efficient growth of new cells.

Honey: raw honey is used as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal substance. It’s also great to use as a skin cleanser. 

Cashews: “Cashews are wonderfully cholesterol free and their high antioxidant content helps lower risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases. The magnesium in cashews helps lower blood pressure and helps prevent heart attacks.”

Camomile: Also antibacterial and helps to heal cuts and wounds faster. Really great for the skin, clearing up irritations, acne and allergies. 

Raw Cocoa: this is my favourite and something I would consume on the daily (ok usually in chocolate form but im working on it) this is a super food and the benefits are endless. Great for your mind and mood and helps enhance various feel good chemicals in the brain like serotonin and dopamine. And its really great for your heart! 

There are so many more ‘healing’ foods that I want to explore and discuss and will continue this conversation soon! 

October 2, 2013
time for a change

Lately I have been feeling a little self absorbed. I have been tirelessly pursuing my own dreams and sacrificing so much to get them. But I think I am missing something very important. While constantly thinking and looking to the future I am not taking in the now. The truth is we dont have any clue what the future holds for us. If we dont stop now and really try to take in everything thats happening at the moment we will miss some really special things. 

I keep thinking ill be so much happier when I land that big role or find the guy im suppose to be with or decorate my dream home or heck have enough money to pay every bill in one month. But why can’t I be happy now? Today was a beautiful day. It was that fall weather that feels like summer but the leaves have slowly started to change. I went for a run by the water and felt the sun hit my skin and smelt the autumn air. Theres a lovely smell that only happens at this time. I then cleaned my apartment and took in the view from my kitchen, how lucky am I to have a view like this I thought. I then rewarded myself by siting on my porch, reading a book and watching the sun set. These are the days that are beautiful and remind me to stop and be grateful for what I have. It’s what we focus on that matters, how we see our world is what brings us joy or pain. My shortcomings are in my mind, I need to remind myself of that. 

And furthermore I have forgotten that life is about service. It’s about what we can do for each other. Its about a community we support and loving others. And there is always time to change, time to do something different and time to realize what really makes you happy. 

Its funny how this time of year always motivates me to change and start new things, a fresh start. I blame it on all those years of school, that pattern of starting again in the fall. Tis the season…for a change. 

August 29, 2013

In June I traveled to one of my favourite places, LA. While there we filmed a little travel video and documented our adventures. Enjoy xo

August 14, 2013

Highlights and hosting from Osheaga - Part 1

August 14, 2013
road trips and real moments

It always seems harder to write about something when you are in it, in the depths of it and it is when you can leave the moment you can finally reflect on everything. I had my first feature film premiere two weeks ago at the Fantasia Film Fest. What an amazing moment that was for me and the rest of the cast and crew. I had my friend and fellow lead actress Michelle sitting on my right and my friends who came along for the ride (and oshaega, ill get to that soon) on my left. Michelle and I kept hitting each other during certain scenes and reminiscing about the time we spent filming the movie. Oh and my friends boyfriend shrieked at one of my scenes. It was incredible to watch your art come to life, to share it with people you admire and care for and to really celebrate something you helped create. It is really hard to describe a moment like that, a moment where you truly feel like this is what you are suppose to be doing, all I can say is we all didn’t want it to end. That was a special day and that was a damn kick ass movie. If you get the chance go see Antisocial, GO I promise you will be scared and entertained and maybe even a little reflective by the end (it may even come out in Toronto in October, shhh). 

If that wasn’t enough of a crazy experience I also got to spend the weekend with my awesome friends at the Osheaga music fest. Festivals like that remind me how much I truly respect and love music. If I could come back as anything it would be a musician. I had so many special moments at that festival but some of the highlights for me was watching the hunky father john misty command the stage, sitting on my friends shoulders during the neighbourhood and have the lead singer Jesse point to me and I pointed back of course, and dancing all night long at the electronic stage with Alex and her boyfriend Mike, those two are gems thats for sure! I loved every moment of it and its once again one of those things so hard to describe and only best known through experience. We should always experience, go to new places, try new things and be present in the moment. Trips like these always remind me to look at life like an adventure and to travel and just see as much as you can. As hard as it is sometimes I am so thankful that I found something I love in life and when you watch someone doing what they love its pure magic, and that’s what Montreal was. OH and Alex, Paige and I started a band called Verdun, more on that soon. xo

July 21, 2013

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